Quaid-e- Azam Apparel Park to be converted to multi facet Business Park



The Punjab Industrial Estates Management & Development Company (PIEDMC) has decided to convert Quaid-e- Azam Apparel Park to a multi facet Business Park, besides approval of 220-KV Grid for Sundar Industrial estate and constitution of new Board for Punjab Drug testing and Research Center.
The decision were taken unanimously during a meeting of BOD of Punjab Industrial Estates Development & Management Company (PIEDMC), held under the Chairmanship of Syed Nabeel Hashmi, at its head office.
The BOD decided to revise the name of Quaid-e-Azam Apparel Park to Quaid-e-Azam Business Park and approved a comprehensive development and business plan of the Business Park. Before the change, it was scheduled to work for a specific sector but now other industrial sectors will be allowed to invest and set up their factories. The QABP is already an approved Special Economic Zone located at Lahore Islamabad motorway and also close to Lahore Sheikhupura road.
In order to resolve the Electricity issue of Sundar Industrial estate, Lahore working under control of PIEDMC, the BOD approved a new permanent 220-KV Grid and allocated land for its construction. GPS meters will be installed in all future electric connections and previous connections shall be updated with a timeline. The BOD also approved net metering policy for Sundar Industrial Estate and dual carriageway for Sundar road.
The BOD decided to construct a flyover for Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estates, Kot lakhpat, Lahore.
The BOD accorded approval to constitute a new Board for The Punjab Drug Testing & Research Center; it is the first of its nature to be certified by WHO. Appropriate funding was also approved so that the facility could play its due role in supporting the Pakistan’s Pharma industry.—INP

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