Qasim coal-fired project sets new record of power generation

Observer Report

Qasim coal-fired power station generated 945 million kWh in March which breaks the record of the same type units power stations and reaches the maximum monthly generating capacity, according to PowerChina’s latest news.

Guo Guangling, General Manager of Qasim project told Gwadar Pro that Qasim’s two 660MW generator units have constantly operated at 100% capacity during whole March, generating 30 million kWh of electricity per day.

The 940 million kWh is the maximum monthly capacity Qasim can produce, which is possible to be achieved only by operating at full capacity for a full month without any production pause.

This data also breaks the previous record of the same type units power stations, 932 million kWh, which also was kept by Qasim project.

Indicated by the electric power department, in March, Qasim Power Station generated about 9.8% of domestic net on-grid electricity, which is equivalent to a year’s electricity consumption for about 400,000 average households here.

When asked, whether the units in Qasim capable of long-term operating at full capacity, Guo Guangling said, “Indeed, even in China, the same type units don’t constantly run at full capacity where load rates are around 50%.

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