Putin says US presence in Afghanistan ended in ‘tragedies’


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the United States’ 20-year campaign in Afghanistan ended in “only tragedies, only losses”.

Putin said on Wednesday that the US army tried to “engrain their norms” in war-ravaged Afghanistan for two decades, which he characterised as a futile exercise.

“The result is only tragedies, only losses for those that did it for the US and even more so for the people who live on Afghan territory,” he said. It is “impossible to impose anything from outside”, he said. He was speaking at a meeting with teenagers in the Russian far eastern city of Vladivostok to mark the start of the school year.

Last week, Putin said Russia would not interfere in Afghanistan and that Moscow had learned from the Soviet occupation of the country.

He has also complained about Western countries trying to place Afghan refugees in Moscow-allied Central Asian states. AFP

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