Punjab decides to increase transport fares for intra-city travel


Punjab has decided to increase transport fares for inter- and intra-city travel by more than 200 percent.

The decision has sent shockwaves among citizens, who have complained that they are already burdened by the rising inflation, and now the skyrocketing transport fares will hit them hard even further. By increasing the fares, the burden on the poor public has been increased further, making travel to other cities even more difficult.

The Punjab government has given the green signal to increase the fares. Inflation-hit citizens are concerned travelling will become more difficult in this situation.

Meanwhile Punjab government has set a target of cotton growing on four million acres of land during the current season.

Spokesperson of Punjab Agriculture department told that cotton sowing is in progress in Punjab.

He said the farmers have been advised to sow only the registered and approved varieties to get good production.

He said the federal government has announced 8500 rupees per 40 kilogram support price of cotton while subsidies worth billions of rupees are already available to encourage sowing of registered cotton varieties.

He said the subsidy is being given to farmers on sowing of registered varieties. One thousand rupees per bag subsidy can be availed for a maximum of five acre area and on a first come first served basis.