Public, opposition ‘invited’ to examine electronic voting machines


Federal Minister for Information Technology Shibli Faraz has invited opposition parties and the general public to examine the locally made electronic voting machine saying that the government would make efforts to address their reservations in this regard.

I am asking the opposition to not oppose it without any examination and should send their technical experts to review its working,” the minister said ahead of a briefing to the Election Commission of Pakistan on the matter.

He said that they had prepared a model machine and would accept the decision from the ECP after the examination today. “ECP is a constitutional institution and the government cannot dictate it,” the IT minister said.

Shibli Faraz said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken a revolutionary step for electoral reforms and the introduction of EVMs would change the country’s electoral history.

He said that there was nothing secret in the machine and their only purpose was to bring transparency to the electoral process. “Even the ECP is opting for technological change for improving electoral process,” the minister said.

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