PU awards five PhD degrees

Staff Reporter

Punjab University has awarded five PhD degrees to the scholars in which Sania Bashir D/o Bashir Nawaz in the subject of Persian after approval of her thesis entitled ‘Editing of “Majmua-E-Shehan Shahan-e-Hind” by Rami with a Preface on Life and Writing of the Author and his Contribution to Persian Literature.

Hajira Mariam D/o Zafar Iqbal in the subject of Islamic Studies after approval of her thesis entitled ‘Diversified Repetition in Quranic Stories: Meaningfulness and Wisdom’, Aqila Rafique D/o Muhammad Rafique Quaiser in the subject of Education after approval of her thesis entitled ‘Relationship of Organizational Culture and Teacher Empowerment in Universities of the Punjab’, Zoia Arshad Awan D/o Muhammad Arshad Awan in the subject of Agricultural Sciences (Plant Pathology) after approval of her thesis entitled ‘Antifungal Potential of Bacterial Bioactive Products and Plant Nutrients to Manage Early Blight Disease of Tomato’ and Alamdar Hussain Khan S/o Imdad Hussain Khan in the subject of Commerce.

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