PTI’s Shahbaz Gill injured in car crash


PTI leader and former special assistant to the prime minister for political communication, Dr Shahbaz Gill, received minor injuries along with three other people in a car crash on M-2 Motorway near the Khanqah Dogran interchange, Sheikhupura, on Thursday, a motorway police spokesperson said.

The incident, which Gill later said was an attempt to murder him, occurred when a speeding vehicle rammed into his car from the rear side.

“The four persons in [Gill’s] car received minor injuries,” a motorway police spokesperson said in a statement.

Gill, who is former prime minister Imran Khan’s chief of staff, was travelling to Islamabad from Lahore when the incident happened.

In a statement on Twitter after the incident, Gill said the car crash was in fact “a murder attempt” on him.

“I want to tell those who attacked me, I am alive because of the Almighty and the prayers of my people. My car was chased and deliberately hit.