PTA says connectivity issues in Northern areas being addressed


Islamabad: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Saturday reported connectivity issues being faced by customers in the northern part of Pakistan due to the devastating flash floods.

In a statement, the regulatory authority said the services were affected in Chitral, Upper Dir, Donbala, Swat, Medan, Lal Qila Samarbaghdir, Tank and DI Khan.

However, the PTA is “monitoring the situation closely”, and “work is underway to fully restore services”.

The unprecedented flooding in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with the Malakand division being the worst hit, played hell in various cities of the province as dozens of people, including females and children were reported to have died during the last twenty-four hours. In some districts, whole villages were washed away by the gushing waters.

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Besides, large-scale destruction of the property, including famous hotels, houses, shops, private buildings and government installations were also reported from various parts of the province where thousands of acres of standing crop and hundreds of thousands of cattle were also destroyed by the gushing waters, and dozens of bridges including those linking main cities have been washed away.

The official figures speak of around two dozen deaths to date whereas the unofficial reports suggest the casualties are much higher. The educational institutions have been closed in many districts, and official buildings have been evacuated in anticipation to rehabilitate the flood victims.

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