Private video of University of Lahore’s expelled couple leaked online


LAHORE – A day after two students, who are being dubbed as lovebirds, were expelled from the University of Lahore for hugging on campus, another video of the couple has gone viral on social media.

Both Hadiqa and Shehryar can be seen along with their friends in the latest video, discussing the viral video matter.

The boy can be seen using the phone while lying with his head on the lap of the girl.

On Friday, the university taking action against the couple expelled them after their video in which the girl got down on one knee to propose to the boy went viral on social media.

Multiple videos of the incident were shared on social media, showing Hadiqa giving roses and cards to a Shehreyar and then got down on one knee and holding out a bouquet of roses to him. The boy accepts the roses and then hugs the girl publicly as they were surrounded by a crowd of students at that time.

The clip of few seconds drew mixed responses on Twitter with some slamming the co-education system and others supporting them for the expression of love.

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