Prince Philip being treated for a heart condition

News Desk

Prince Philip, who was taken to the King Edward VII hospital two weeks ago as a “precautionary measure” for infection has been transferred to a second hospital.

There he’ll remain for the next few days. The Queen’s 99-year old husband has so far spent a total of 13 nights being cared for by medics – his longest ever stay in hospital.

Sharing details about his health, the Buckingham Palace on Monday revealed: “The Duke of Edinburgh has now been taken to London’s St Bartholomew hospital – which is known as one of the country’s leading specialist cardiac centers – where he is also being treated for a heart condition.

” Fans and family members are worried about his condition as there are concerns. There will be more tests and observations in the hospital renowned for cardiovascular treatment. The Queen, 94, has no plans to visit Prince Philip, who will turn 100 in June.

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