Prefer state on politics | By Abdul Basit Alvi


Prefer state on politics

FLOOD Devastation is still going on in Pakistan where around 1600 lives have been lost, around 13000 have been injured, around two millions houses have been damaged, around one million livestock have washed away and the toll of affectees has risen to more than 33 million.

The whole world has shown her solidarity with Pakistan. Many world leaders expressed their deep concern.

Many celebrities and prominent personalities of the world are visiting the flood-hit areas and taking part in relief activities.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres visited several areas of Pakistan ravaged by floods and called for increased global financial support at the end of a two-day trip aimed at raising awareness of the disaster.

Angelina Jolie, a top Hollywood actress and special envoy to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Celal Al, a popular Turkish actor, who is also very well-known in Pakistan for portraying Abdurrahman Alp in Ertugrul and renowned Islamic scholar Mufti Ismail Menk also visited Pakistan to show solidarity with the flood victims.

US President Joe Biden emphasized the need for the world’s help on the floods in Pakistan at the United Nations General Assembly.

He said in his address to the United Nations General Assembly that a large part of Pakistan is under water due to floods and Pakistan needs the world’s help at this time.

These are just few examples while many other personalities are either visiting, showing their concern, fund raising or appealing the world to come forward to help the affectees.

The role of Pakistan Army is also remarkable where they are working day and night and helping the affectees with their all resources.

The only institution of Pakistan which is fully engaged in relief activities without any personal interest is Pakistan Army.

The whole nation is watching their dedication and paying huge tribute to Army Chief and each and every soldier.

They have proved themselves as true defenders of Pakistan. Dear readers! The only sector which is not much active and practically disappear from the scene is our political side.

It seems that political parties are not much concerned about the grief of victims. They are just dying and struggling for their own interests.

All political activities are being carried out as usual. Blaming the opponents and race of point scoring is on its peak.

According to my point of view when one-third of Pakistan has been completely submerged by historic flooding, it’s a national crime to squint from the grief and pain of affectees.

The entire nation is closely watching and monitoring that who is practically with the people and who is running for his own interest.

Good time is forgotten easily but bad time remains in minds for years. Also it’s a matter of re-thinking for our political leadership that they will get everything when public power will be with them.

It’s time to think about State by keeping all personal interests and political conflicts aside.

—The writer is contributing columnist.


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