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Obligations of constitutional office holders

It is time all constitutional public office holders such as President, PM/ CM, Governor etc must be seen to rise above party politics and perform their duties in accordance with oath they take on assumption of office while placing their hand on the holy scriptures (Holy Quran) and the Constitution. It is part of oath that “I will not allow my personal interest to influence my official conduct or my official decisions”.

The oath also binds the PM, CM, President/ Governors to “do right to all manner of people, according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will”. The constitutional office holders also pledges he will not “reveal to any person any matter which shall be brought under my consideration, or shall be known to me”.

The oath binds them to award national awards to individuals who have performed extraordinary services for collective benefit of all citizens, or national security and interest of the state, without any favour or affiliation with any political party.

Unfortunately, on 14 August 2021, the second highest civil award Hilal-e-Pakistan, which is usually conferred exclusively on Pakistani citizens and soldiers who render valuable services, was given to Syed Javaid Anwar, a prominent Republican oil tycoon based in Texas USA, and fund raiser for Trump. He is considered to be Trump’s personal friend.

Javaid Anwar also contributes to PTI and supports them in Houston Texas. However, I fail to understand why he should be given Hilal-e-Pakistan, especially, given sensitivities and foreign policy considerations that President Biden is a Democrat. Similarly, awards have been conferred to personal friends by President Alvi, and others in the past also, in violation of pledge taken, placing their hand on the Holy Quran.



Transport system


The principal role of transport is to provide or improve access to different locations for individuals and businesses. Transport thus facilitates a wider range of social and economic interactions than would otherwise be possible. Transport generally involves the movement of people or goods from one place to another via a means of transport. On the other hand, communication is the passing of information or data from one source to another.

The Freight Business Unit with 12,000 personnel operates over 200 freight stations on the railway network. Pakistan Railways carry 65 million passengers annually and daily operate 228 mail, express and passenger trains. Pakistan Railways also operate special trains for various occasions. Pakistan’s transport system is primarily dependent on road transport, which makes up 90% of national passenger traffic and around 96% of freight movement. Over the past several years, road traffic – both passenger and freight – has grown much faster than the country’s overall economic growth.



Favourite cricketer

Who is your favourite male cricketer”? Mithali Raj quips — ”Do you ask Virat Kohli which woman cricketer is his favourite!” On getting referred as “Chak De Girl” by drawing “inspiration” from a Bollywood film , Jhulan Goswami promptly retorts ( “I prefer to be known as Chakdah girl”) with absolutely no inferiority complex revolving around her humble origin (small town Chakdah) ! “Pink Test” between Indian eves and Australia. Half-hearted appeal by the Aussie bowler and the wicketkeeper, Umpire signalling not-out, no provision of DRS to reverse the decision; yet Punam Raut walks off the field with her individual score being a mere 36, thereby reminding us that all can be sacrificed for the sake of ethics – – but ethics cannot be sacrificed for the sake of anything.

2020 ICC World Cup. Pakistan Cricket Captain Bismah Maroof’s 6-month-old daughter Fatima had turned cynosure of all Indian eves ! “Lots of love to baby Fatima from India” — tweeted Smriti Mandhana. What a tight slap upon the faces of the hate-mongers who divide God’s own creation through petty matters !

No ugliness of toxic masculinity, no rhetoric of “patriotic” jingoism —— rather it is nothing but spine, self-respect, ethics, honesty, poise, grace and civility when it comes to India’s women cricket where all things sanity dominate the show !

So it is hardly a wonder to notice the grace and divinity exemplified by the Indian eves revolving the retirement of Jhulan Goswami who brought an end to her illustrious career with head held high by taking two crucial wickets at Lord’s!

The skipper Harmanpreet Kaur deserves congratulations for paying due honour to the living legend by inviting her for a toss. Kaur’s impeccable gesture and hugging Jhulan with both at their emotional best also prove that the hearts of the Indian eves are in the right place!




Dr Anees

Hats off and many congratulations on receiving higher appreciation from international scientists/intellectuals on your thrilling artistic ‘creative ‘ & novel research about Neurocosmic brain , module & models established by you can further involve other interdisciplinary scientists will contribute at large for humanitarian services .

I suggest the Governmental budget must be allocated for this important project. Your marvellous achievement is an outcome of your tireless/hard working , without caring your health & financial hardship you spent maximum time of your life in carrying this research which is not only your personal honour it is our common rather national prestige & honour. Stay healthy and blessed.




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