PPP will not allow govt to make CPEC controversial: Bilawal


Questions how will govt create consensus for legislation in six months!

Our Correspondent


Pakistan People’s Party Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday cast doubt on the federal government’s ability to legislate on the army chief’s extension within the six-month time frame granted by the Supreme Court.
Addressing a public rally in Muzaffarabad, Bilawal questioned how the government would be able to legislate on such an important matter when it was not able to pass any law during its first year in power.
“The entire government, its ministers and the prime minister could not draft a single notification in three months,” the PPP chairperson said during his speech at his party’s 52nd Youm-e-Tasees.
“Now the matter of the army chief’s extension will be brought to the parliament. The people who were not able to get even a single law passed during their one year … how will they be able to create consensus on such an important piece of legislation within six months?” he asked.
Furthermore, Bilawal assailed the government on a variety of issues, ranging from inflation to targeting of opposition parties and suppression of media.
Bilawal also credited his father and former president Asif Ali Zardari for initiating the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, and warned the government that his party would not allow them to make the multi-billion project “controversial”.
Bilawal said, “We are supposed to get rid of PTI government which is selected and has failed miserably. Selected should go home so that Awami Raaj could be established,” he said.
He further said economy is worsening and no other sector is prospering. Government has indeed become danger for Pakistan’s sovereignty, he added. Talking about CPEC he said we won’t let government take U-turn on matters related to China. He further stated besides being an agriculture economy, we are still dependent on other countries. Our economy is getting worse day by day.
He claimed that for gaining power umpires are given more worth than masses. Without any comprehensive planning, people were dreamt of green gardens.
On Kashmir, Bilawal said PPP played a very key role for the cause of Kashmiris. “We have been saying since the very first day that Modi is an extremist and it is better to realize his hidden political agenda,” he said.
Imran Khan has been praying for PM Modi’s victory, said Bilawal. First Imran Khan said Modi will solve Kashmir issue but as he (Modi) gained power, PM Imran now is not optimistic about his Indian counterpart and calling him follower of Hitler.