PPP rejects PMDA Ordinance 2021: Sherry

Staff Reporter

Condemning the draconian Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA) Ordinance 2021, PPP Parliamentary Leader in the Senate, Senator Sherry Rehman said, “The disastrous effect that this ordinance will have on media and freedom of expression is unacceptable.

First it was PEMRA and now this ordinance, actions of intolerance towards independent journalism are constantly increasing under the PTI led government.

Pakistan ranks 145 out of 180 countries on media rights watchdog Reporters Without Borders’ (RSF) 2021 World Press Freedom Index, and instead of taking action to fix this, the government is trying to push through the PMDA Ordinance 2021, which will act as a tool for institutionalizing censorship.

The civil society and media rights groups have termed the ordinance as ‘media martial law’.
Through this media outlets will either become state mouthpieces or go under”.