PPP not to allow politics of hatred in country


Pakistan Peoples Party’s Provincial Information Secretary and former Senator Aajiz Dhamrah has said PPP would never allow any political party to practice the politics of hatred in the country.

Speaking to the party workers during the campaign for the upcoming local government elections here on Saturday, Dhamrah said PPP respected all parties and their flags and expected reciprocity from others.

“For the last 40 years, Hyderabad was kept undeveloped. But now a PPP’s jiyala will be elected as the mayor of Hyderabad and he will kickstart the city’s development,” he asserted. He claimed that during the canvass, the PPP’s candidates had been witnessing wider support among the people. “We want to put an end to the politics of hatred by raising the slogan ‘Sindhi-Muhajir bhai bhai’ (Sindhi and Muhajir are like brothers),” he said.—INP

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