PPP leader asks US to stop interfering in China affairs


Staff Reporter

Pakistan People’s Party Provincial General Secretary and Former Deputy Speaker Faisal Kundi has said that Hong Kong is an integral part of China, and Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal matters
In a statement, he urged the external forces to grasp the situation, stop its wrongdoing before it’s too late.
He said US should immediately stop interfering in China’s domestic affairs, particularly, Hong Kong matters.
PPP leader said that Pakistan supports One-China policy and China’s measures to defend its national sovereignty and advance national security.
Kundi said Pakistan strongly condemns attempts at interference in domestic affairs of sovereign states.
Faisal Kundi also criticised the recently passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act by the US Senate. He said this act contradicts ground situation and actual fa-
According to Kundi it applies double standards and blatantly interferes in Hong Kong matters and China’s other domestic affairs.
He said It is a serious violation of international law and norms governing international relations. He believes that such acts are in no interest of helping Hong Kong return to stability.