Police arrest 500 accused of various crimes in Kohlu


Police and Levies arrested 500 accused in different cases including murder, robbery, and kidnapping for ransom from various areas of Kohlu district during the year 2022. According to the crime data shared by the police and Levies, a total of 205 cases were registered in Kohlu district during the last year. Of them, 122 cases were registered in the Levies jurisdiction while 83 cases were registered with the police.

Police sources said 13 accused persons nominated in six murder cases were also arrested. They said the overall performance of the police in terms of arresting the accused persons in different cases was much better than in the last five years. In 2022, the police also arrested the most wanted 192 accused in various cases.

Levies force have registered a total of 122 cases in B area, out of which 46 cases were lodged in Mawand tehsil stations while 41 cases were registered in Tambo tehsil stations, 16 in Gersni tehsil stations, five in Kahan tehsil stations, and 14 were in Kohlu tehsil Levies Station.

A total of 400 accused were named in the levies cases, out of which a total of 308 accused were impounded including 11 accused of murder. The registered cases included four cases of murder and three cases of kidnapping. Most of the other registered cases were reported to be robberies. The last FIR of 2022 was registered against Parvez for robbery in the A area police station, while the last case of B area was lodged against Rehm Ali for theft.