PM Imran – most popular leader in Pakistan: Fawad


Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is the most popular leader in Pakistan as the people, who voted him to power, are still his ardent fans.

Even in next general elections, Imran Khan would get the majority votes and be the prime minister for another tenure, he said this while speaking during BBC’s ‘Hard Talk’ programme.

Responding to a question, he cautioned the host not to undermine the elected government of Pakistan as Prime Minister Imran Khan received millions of votes in the last general elections.

“Imran Khan is the prime minister of a nuclear state … he and the cabinet take collective decisions.”

The government had due respect for the opinion of institutions but the decisions rested with the prime minister, he added.

Sharing the achievements of government, Fawad said at present the country’s growth rate was 3.94 %, despite the COVID-19 crisis. About Rs.1,100 billion, he said, had shifted from the urban economy to the rural economy.

“This year, Pakistan has got four bumper crops”, he said, adding a record number of tractors had been purchased by farmers.

He said Pakistan’s response to COVID-19 had been one of the best in the world. He quoted the remarks of United Nations General Assembly President, “Pakistan has been a good example for the world with its pandemic related policies; Pakistan has done better than any other country”.

“These words speak volumes of our successful strategy to deal with the COVID-19 situation,” he added.

In response to another question, the minister said 5.5 million people had been vaccinated in the country.

Pakistan was among the top 34 countries in terms of vaccinating the people. “The way we are going, (we will) achieve the targets of vaccination soon,” he added.—APP