PHC closes down 64 backstreet treatment centres in 13 cities


The Punjab Healthcare Commission shuttered 64 backstreet treatment centres in 13 cities of the province during the last week.

According to the PHC spokesperson on Sunday, a major action was taken in the provincial capital where the PHC enforcement teams raided 81 treatment centres and sealed 10 illegal outlets.

Cumulatively, the teams visited 666 centres in 13 cities, and out of these, businesses had been found changed while the commission would keep 401 treatment centres under surveillance. As many as 38 qualified physicians started providing treatment facilities at an equal number of treatment facilities. Among the major actions, 8 outlets each in Pakpattan and Bahawalnagar, 7 each in Rawalpindi and Hafizabad, Multan 6 and five in Gujranwala were closed down. In Lahore, Khurram Clinic, Asghar Jarrah, Smile Healthcare Centre, Ali X-Ray Centre, Punjab Dental Clinic, Ali Digital Lab, Farooq Dental Clinic, Zulfiqar Dandansaaz, Siddique Dental Clinic and Sufyan Dental Clinic were sealed.

The PHC spokesperson added that so far the commission had raided over 117,000 treatment centres, and shuttered 35,510 illegal business centres, while more than 28,000 quackery centres had been changed.

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