People fed-up with useless govt, opposition tug of war: PSP


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Thursday said that the nation is now fed-up with both the government and the opposition due to their continuous tug-of-war for safeguarding their political interests thereby sabotaging common man interest. The corrupt and biased PPP government has done unjust with every resident of Sindh. He was addressing a meeting of District West workers near Orangi Town. Kamal asked people to attend the PSP Bagh-e-Jinnah rally on November 8, with adding their voice to our voice and convey message to the conscienceless rulers that their tyranny will not last long, and their days are counted. “We are fighting for the common man. Pakistan can no longer function without reforms. The country needs reforms that will solve problems quickly.” Kamal said. The people of Karachi have to come out on their own to solve their problems. Whether it is the PPP’s biased government or the federal government’s Rs 1100 billion package, both have betrayed the people of Karachi. Party President Anis Kaim Khani and members of the Central Executive Committee and National Council were also present on the occasion. He further said that due to incompetent rulers, inflation is skyrocketed as the poor can’t afford a three time bread. The tall claims and empty slogans of the incumbent government proved to be a a nightmare for the citizens. Time is proving that the only solution to Pakistan’s problems is PSP because we are highlighting the problems and offering solutions based on the ground realities. Everyone who cares about the people should invite their circle of friends to attend the grand rally and ensure full participation along with their family members.

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