Peek Freans Sooper celebrates Ramazan with #ShukarKaAikPal

Our Correspondent

From the joy one finds in a child’s hug, to the comfort of having your soul mate with you to a house that echoes with the laughter of friends and family – these simple joys of life leave us in awe of the countless blessings we have. One can’t help but then say; “Iss karam ka karun Shukr kesay ada.

” In keeping with this sentiment, English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM), under the banner of its leading brand, Sooper, has come up with a heart-warming campaign titled ‘Dua-e-Shukr’; an initiative Implemented with the sole objective to express gratitude for the Almighty’s countless blessings.

Through the campaign, EBM is engaging consumers primarily through mainstream media and evoking a realization of Shukr for the relationships and moments that truly matter, a sentiment that carries special significance during this month.

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