PDM’s anti-government campaign has succeeded or failed, or is it still going strong?


Salahuddin Haider

DENTED, disappointed, disintegrated, divided, or split? Too difficult a question to answer, atleast for the present. The campaign, led mainly by Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Maryam Nawaz , or to be more precisely is guided by PML(N) leader Nawaz Sharif, has neither been so good, nor so bad. Its success or achievement, if achievement is the correct terminology to fix here correctly, has been somewhat in the middle.
Analysed dispassionately, it could, however, be said with considerable amount of certainty that the action plan of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is much more for personal gains, or a kind of vendetta , rather than motivated by principle, or for serving a cause. Leaders of the 11-party alliance claim they are out on the streets to remove an incompetent, illegitimate government, installed though backdoor, but what puzzles people is the unexplained silence from speakers, addressing rallies at Gujranwala, Karachi, Quetta and Lahore, is their inability to be specific about elements responsibility for bringing the Imran and his colleagues to powers.
Only one lesson drawn from their stance is perhaps fear of reprisal or resulting reprimand obviously from supporters who, these alleged installed Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf to power. Prime Minister Imran Khan has unhesitatingly been asking them to be bold enough to tell the truth to the people. His demand, too, has gone answered.
But it would be crystal clear that both Mayam and Fazlur Rehman, did try to point an accusing finger to those behind PTI government, but it simultaneously is clear that their aim is instead of serving the cause of democracy, is guided principally from dislodging Imran from power. The lead was provided by NOON league chief, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who named army chief General Qamar Bajwa, and ISI Director General Lt-Gen. Faiz Hamid as the key players in a drama, which these leaders label as sordid boon.
And now has come, according to Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid, and to somewhat lesser extent from Foreign Minsiter Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and his cabinet colleagues Fawad Chaudhury, and Faisal Vavda. A more vocal Sheikh Rashid accuses Maualan Fazlur Rehman of keen on being back to Islamabad, rather serving the cause of Islam.
The Maulana now faces right within his JUI-F, from some of his principal colleagues, who because of their criticism, has been thrown out of the party. They nevertheless petitioned to Election Commission of Pakistan to delist Maulana’s party from ECP list of parties, qualified to be in the fray during elections.
Yet another problems, demands resolution is the case of foreign funding of PTI, against which PDM staged demonstrations before ECP, but their move was very timely countered by Imran Khan, who is slowly and gradually turning into seasoned parliamentarian and is in a much better position to be categorized among politicians than before, or when he took over reigns of the country. Time and challenges has brought him experienced which may ultimately prove beneficial for him and the game that is called ‘politics’. The drama continues, but seems to lost vigour and velocity.
PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto has poured water on Maryam and Fazlur Rehman by disassociating from their original plan of resignation from Assemblies, rallies and processions etc. He seems candid now that instead of street power, reliance must now be on change within the Assemblies. He seems to be back on his original motto which he often quoted some two years ago that Democracy is the best revenge. Ahsan Iqbal, looks annoyed with Bilawal’s philosophy saying that number game would obviously be in favour of Imran Khan. The see-saw game continues and one has to remain interested as to who is or will be the ultimate winner.

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