Adoption of KP Child Protection, Welfare Act hailed


Staff Reporter


Dr Rabia Noor Azhar a renowned social activist and by profession a senior medical practitioner highly welcomed the adoption of Khyber Pakhtunkwa Child Protection and Welfare (Amendment) Act by the provincial legislative assembly, what he called it as a good step toward elimination of child abuse cases in the province.
Talking to media here, she said the legislation is indicated seriousness of the present provincial government to overcome with increasing child abuse cases in the province. Observing that child abuse cases are increasing and worsening with time in our country in various forms, Dr Rabia said this is something that is critically unacceptable for a society to live with.
She noted that child abusers were roaming around freely and there’s a fear for every parent and child haunting around in the streets and houses. Furthermore, she maintained that child abuse culprits should be given life sentence or death sentence according to the situation of the crime. There’s no point in giving jobs to such criminals as they should be sentenced to death or in jail for life, she added.
Blaming the child sexual abusers for ruining the life of a child, Dr Rabia Noor said that they (child) have huge repercussions and impacts in future for the community as well as the individual who had gone through these unrepairable wounds and damages if let alive as well as his/her families who had faced such a terrible trauma.

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