PDM poses no danger to govt: PM

Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement, (PDM) an alliance of eleven Opposition parties, “poses no threat to the ruling PTI government” and that its “bubble has burst.”

The PM was chairing a meeting of his party’s leaders and spokespersons in the federal capital during which he was briefed about various issues, including the foreign funding case, Senate elections, and action taken against the land-grabbing mafia.
Addressing the meeting and responding to the foreign funding case against the PTI, Imran Khan said that the party has “submitted the details of more than 40,000 donors, adding that the Opposition failed to submit the details of donors during their tenures.
He said that the PTI has a “clear record in the foreign funding case” and that it received “no money from any foreign source.” Taking a jibe at the Opposition parties, he said that now is the time for PML-N, PPP and other parties to be accountable to the Election Commission of Pakistan regarding the funds they received from abroad.

“Nawaz Sharif built his ATM through the land-grabbing mafia and the Khokhar brothers are the ATMs of the PML-N,” the PM said while also directing his ministers to take strict measures against the occupation mafia in Lahore.

Regarding the issue of the Senate election, the Prime Minister said that his government is asking the Senate to make amendments in a bid to make the elections more transparent.
“By objecting to the idea of making the Senate elections more transparent, the Opposition is doing nothing but exposing itself,” the PM said.

Criticising PPP and the PML-N, Imran Khan said that both the parties had agreed upon holding Senate polls through the open ballot in the Charter of Democracy.
Khan said that the opposition itself is a big hurdle in carrying out transparent polls and added that denial of Senate through open ballot shows that they want to steal Senate elections through horse trading.

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