PDM devoid of any plan to resolve problems of people: Cheema


Adviser on Information Omar Sarfaraz Cheema said that the 13-party PDM gang is not sincere towards resolving national problems.

Omar Sarfaraz Cheema while doing a press conference along with the Chairman Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab Makhdoom Tariq Mehmood said that the PML-N and the PPP had been playing the game of taking their turns for the last 40 years adding that both the parties had also been pretending to do so called accountability as a deception and a stop gap arrangement.

Their theft and cleverness had been nabbed and apprehended for the first time adding that the PPP and the PML-N are two sides of the same coin. The perspective of both the parties is to indulge into loot and plunder and then get away with their malpractices after making a deal.

He said that the PDM gang is devoid of any programme to resolve the problems of the people and they are used to coming into power by striking an underhand deal. On the one hand the flood has wreaked havoc in the country while on the other hand price hike and the nerve breaking increase in the prices of petrol and electricity have made it extremely difficult for the people to live.

The Shehbaz- Zardari government is only busy in taking political revenge and doing press conferences. The whole focus of the federal government is to make provocative statements and threaten the opponents. The Shehbaz-Zardari government in order to divert attention from inflation, hike in the electricity bills and economic destruction is making statements one after the other. The Shehbaz- Zardari government did nothing with regard to reducing price hike and the thief gang has badly failed in running the government.

Omar Sarfaraz Cheema said that if the 13-party gang remained imposed on the country then inflation will not reduce even in one year nor will the people be given any relief. A record industrial progress happened during the tenure of Imran Khan which the PDM gang ruined. The Adviser on Information said that the PDM gang is playing a dangerous game and even the international organisations are saying that the PDM gang is busy in such a conspiracy so as to entangle the people and the institutions to fight with each other.

The misleading conspiracy induced statements of the PDM are linked to their bad intentions. Omar Sarfaraz Cheema said that the only solution to political instability, inflation and economic problems is to hold fair and transparent elections at the earliest. He said that the nation has awakened and is determined to oust the thief- dacoit gang from power.

. He said that the overseas Pakistanis are loyal to their country and are sending record remittances adding that the Shehbaz-Zardari government is targeting the overseas Pakistanis. The federal government is snatching away the right to vote from the overseas Pakistanis. The federal government can only ask for funds from the overseas Pakistanis but cannot grant them right to vote. The federal government is perturbed and is closing down the media as well as the social media adding that these actions are not at all democratic and depict an authoritarian thinking. Chairman Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab Makhdoom Tariq Mehmood-ul-Hassan while talking on the occasion said that he is highly grateful to the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chairman PTI Imran Khan along with Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervaz Elahi who reposed their complete trust in him by taking into account his performance in the federation and in the overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab and entrusted him with the most important assignment of Vice Chairperson OPC Punjab. He revealed that the Overseas Pakistanis Commission has once again been activated according to the vision of Chairman PTI Imran Khan and CM Punjab Chaudhry Pervaz Elahi. He disclosed that the Relief Fund Desk has been initiated in the Overseas Pakistanis Commission to help the overseas Pakistanis and to help the flood affectees in which the overseas Pakistanis can easily deposit their funds. A Helpline is working 24/7 in OPC for the overseas Pakistanis. He informed that the mobile application, NADRA desk and the Revenue Desk is also working efficiently in the OPC.

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