Participants at Kandahar gathering: World should recognize Islamic Emirate



The gathering of tribal elders and Islamic clerics in Kandahar ended on Thursday and attendees issued a resolution asking the world to recognize the Islamic Emirate as a legitimate system and to engage with Kabul in a positive way.

“We call on them to recognize the Islamic Emirate as a legitimate system, to interact positively with the Islamic Emirate, to lift the restrictions they have put in place, and to cooperate in the economic development and development of the Afghan nation,” the resolution reads.

“Not all representatives of Afghanistan participated, women also did not participate,” said Wahidullah Faqiri, an expert on international relations.

The sixteen-article resolution referred to the US airstrike on Kabul, saying that the neighboring countries who allowed the US drone to operate in their territory are involved in this crime and would face consequences.

“The rulers of these countries should know that making deals on Afghanistan and allowing Afghanistan’s enemies to access their space and land, as well as allowing operations against Afghanistan, will certainly have bad consequences for them,” the resolution stated.

“This is not only a step in accordance with international principles; this is the voice and response of the Afghan people who have long asked the government to stand against the damaging actions of the countries in the region,” said Najibullah Jami, university lecturer.

The Emirate has been asked in the fourteenth article of this resolution to give attention to women, minorities, children, and people in the area of justice, as well as religious and modern education.

“We call on the Islamic Emirate to pay special attention to rights of minorities, children, women, and of all people involved in justice, religious and modern education, health, agriculture, and industry in light of Sharia law,” according to the resolution.

“If the Taliban are truly committed to the Islamic and human rights of Afghan women, they should end the systematic suppression of women and open girls’ schools above the sixth grade as soon as possible,” said Maryam Marouf Arween, women’s rights activist.

More than 3,000 people attended the gathering of Islamic clerics and tribal elders held in Kandahar yesterday, including the leader of the Islamic Emirate and other officials.

The leader of the Islamic Emirate at the gathering said that he would not allow anyone to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. —Tolonews

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