Institution in Kabul provides free education to 1000 girls



Following the closing of schools for girls above the sixth grade, an institution in Kabul now offers more than a thousand girls the opportunity to receive a free education.

The institution’s director stated that while some foreign organizations have funded the institute in the past, their funding has recently decreased.

“When the Islamic Emirate came to power, the number of our students, especially girls, increased because schools have been closed to them and they are coming here with hope,” said Haji Mirwai, director of the institute.

Two 11th grade students, Samira and Hania, stated that they do not see any signs of girls returning to school beyond the sixth grade.

“Not only me, but millions of girls have been deprived of education in Afghanistan. Why? Isn’t this our right? We want our right, we want to learn and get educated,” Samira told TOLOnews.

“I put on my school clothes to go, when I went to school, they said it is closed,” Hania told TOLOnews.

Meanwhile, families of some students asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools as soon as possible.

“I ask the Islamic Emirate to reopen schools so our daughters can continue their education. It has been a year that they are deprived of education, that’s why we brought them here — to continue their education,” said Shukria, the mother of a student.

Some teachers at this institution said that they are teaching here for free.

“Their hearts are broken, they were totally depressed, and we wanted to bring them here so it could be a hope for them. We brought them here so that at least their time is not wasted and they can continue their studies,” said Sana, a teacher.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education said that girls’ schools are closed due to cultural constraints, not Islamic law.

Over a year has passed since the closing of girls’ schools, which raised national and international concerns.

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