Parliamentary oversight


THE Parliamentary Committee on National Security on Tuesday gave formal approval to the government for holding talks with the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) besides forming a parliamentary oversight committee to ensure the process moved within the constitution’s ambit.

There are no two opinions that dialogue is the best course to address the most pressing issues including those relating to peace and security.

TTP in the past has remained involved in terrorist acts inside Pakistan whilst playing in the hands of our arch enemy India.

This is not an allegation but there are several international reports on it that New Delhi in nexus with TTP is perpetrating terrorism in Pakistan.

If the outfit or some of its factions are really interested to shun the course of violence and want to sit on the table of negotiations, it must be welcomed and taken towards the peace agreement with good intent in order to ensure permanent peace and stability in the country.

History is testimony to the fact that all big conflicts have ended on the talks table. The world sars and Pak-India War of 1965 are cases in point.

Even within the countries, conflicts have been resolved through negotiations. States normally keep all the options open in the greater public interest.

There is no harm in holding talks with the objective of restoring peace and ensuring rule of law.

It will be a sigh of relief for our people if the TTP leadership and cadres agree to give up arms; not to carry illegal weapons; to face trials, well those directly involved in acts of terror; to abide by the law and the Constitution; not to indulge in sectarian activities; to remain under surveillance under the law; and not to force jirgas upon people.

The parliamentary committee on national security meeting decisions to keep a parliamentary oversight on the whole dialogue process is a step in the right direction as it will help address misperceptions or misconceptions surrounding the talks.

Parliament is a supreme body and national interests can well be protected when opinion from different shades of elected representatives are given due consideration and importance.

The formation of parliamentary committee will also give our side to talk from the position of strength.


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