Pressure politics


A battle of nerves is going on among different players as subtle and open moves are being made to gain mileage out of the complex political situation that has gripped the country for the last several months.

Apart from the controversy generated by release of audio and video tapes, attempts are also being made to drag national institutions into the messy situation and make aggressive statements to keep the support base intact.

Therefore, the latest statement of PTI Chairman Imran Khan has to be seen in this context in which he claimed he was tight-lipped over the “regime change conspiracy” and all those elements involved in it, maintaining that his revelations could harm the national interests.

The statement comes in the backdrop of credible reports that the PTI sought apology from the US official who was at the centre of the accusation by the party about American involvement in the regime change in Pakistan and remarks made by the Army spokesperson that the institution has no objection to the judicial probe into the issue.

Imran, who was ousted from power in April through opposition’s vote of no-confidence in parliament, has accused the US of hatching a conspiracy by colluding with local abettors to topple his government.

Irrespective of the authenticity of the accusation, the allegations harmed Pakistan’s relations with the United States and the incumbent Government is making frantic efforts to undo the harm as smooth ties with Washington are critical to economic and security interests of the country.

In a bid to offset pressure built by leaked reports of presence of some highly damaging audio and video tapes containing evidence against the former Prime Minister on different and sensitive issues, Imran Khan retorted that he has recorded a video and kept it at a safe place, which would be shared with the nation if something wrong happened to him.

We believe that there would be no need for the use of audios and videos if all sides behaved in a responsible manner and conducted themselves strictly within the bounds of the law and the Constitution.

National leadership is not expected to compromise, in any way, national interests at the altar of petty political, personal or party interests.

Rules of the game should be followed strictly as the country can ill-afford continuation of political instability and that too at a time when it is continuously being squeezed by donors, especially the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


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