Pak’s cogent advice to Taliban



BEING a close neighbour, Pakistan has always gone an extra mile for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

It now desires return of normalcy to the country after the formation of an inclusive Afghan government as it is the only way the wounds of Afghan people can be healed who over the last many decades have only seen conflict and bloodshed.

Addressing Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa hoped that the Taliban will fulfil the promises made to the global community about women and human rights and will not allow the Afghan land to be used against any other country.

Hitherto, different terrorist groups especially the proscribed TTP have used the Afghan land for perpetrating terrorism in Pakistan. There are unambiguous evidence that India is funding these terrorists.

Previous governments in Afghanistan always turned their back to this issue. One expects that the Taliban will listen to Pakistan’s concerns and address them by providing no space to the terrorists in order to maintain good neighbourly relations.

Also learning from the past, the Taliban needs to act sensibly and with prudence in order to get acceptance at the world level.

Though the international community has double standards vis-à-vis human rights, yet it is in the interest of Afghanistan to move forward as a progressive nation where everybody has the protection and sense of security. This is in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has very rightly pointed out that the world should not impose their values on the war-torn country.

Indeed Afghanistan is a sovereign country and its people know better which form of government suits them the most.

The Afghans must be allowed to take decisions independently for its future, though the regional countries and major capitals must remain engaged with it to address its economic and other woes.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri whilst briefing the media persons on Friday called for early peaceful transition of power in Afghanistan.

Indeed it is the first step towards removing the current environment of uncertainty which will also give a sense of security to the Afghan people.

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