‘Pakistan’s international debt should be immediately cancelled’: UK MP

UK MP Pakistan debt

London: UK Member of Parliament, Claudia Webbe, has urged for the immediate cancellation of Pakistan’s international debt as the flood-hit country struggles through the biggest floods in its history.

Citing the record 49-year high 27% inflation, Claudia Webbe instead asked the world to pay reparations for the climate-induced floods.

Inflation soars past 27% in August; highest in 49 years

“Inflation in Pakistan is at an all-time high at 27%! Pakistan’s international debt should be immediately cancelled – they should instead be given reparations for the climate crisis caused,” Claudia Webbe said.

In an earlier tweet on August 31, she criticized the silence of western political leaders regarding the devastating monsoonal floods in Pakistan.

Calling their silence a “moral crime”, she said that this was the time to stand shoulder to shoulder in full solidarity with Pakistan.

“We need a global climate tax so that the global rich can be made to pay for the climate damage they cause in the world,” she suggested.

Pakistan is responsible for 1% of global emissions.

“It’s completely wrong that it has to bear the brunt of climate change. The super-rich caused the climate crisis. The super-rich should bear the cost. Pakistan must get international help immediately,” Claudia Webbe said in another of her tweet.

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