Pakistani, Kashmiri and Sikh communities observed India independence day as black day

Imran Yaqub Dhillon

In Frankfurt, Germany, the Pakistani, Kashmiri and Sikh communities observed India’s Independence Day as a black day.

On this occasion, a rally was held under the leadership of Pakistani community leader Ansar Mahmood Butt and a protest was held in front of the Indian Consulate.

Pakistani and Kashmiri community, senior members of the Khalsa Bibar Tehreek and the World Sikh Parliament, as well as Bangladeshis, Moroccans and Egyptians, attended the protest.

In his address, Ansar Mahmood Butt said that India was trying to destroy the peace of South Asia and was promoting terrorism in the region, of which many evidences have come out in the world media.

Ansar Mehmood Butt warns world powers that if action is not taken against Indian terrorism, a dangerous situation could break out in South Asia which would be dangerous for the whole world peace..

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