Pakistan to host World Environment Day today

Pakistan to host World Environment Day today

Pakistan will celebrate World Environment Day on Saturday in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (today).

In accordance with the most recent coronavirus regulations, the day will be virtually commemorated across the globe via a variety of events and activities. The subject for this year is “ecosystem restoration,” which emphasizes the need of resetting our connection with nature.

In appreciation of its leadership role in implementing promising “Ecosystem Restoration Initiatives,” Pakistan has been chosen to host World Environment Day when it will share its environmental success stories.

The event in Pakistan will take place on June 5 at the Jinnah Convention Centre in Islamabad, where Prime Minister Imran Khan will open the official festivities, which will be live-streamed across the world via official and social media sites.

The prime minister will formally announce the successful restoration of 0.3 million hectares of forest cover in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province under the first Bonn Challenge pledge, 15 national parks, and marine protected areas under the flagship Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Plantation (TBTTP) project, as well as meeting the recent Bonn Challenge pledge.

The day will also mark the formal launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030.

The goal of the UN Decade is to dramatically increase the restoration of damaged and devastated ecosystems in order to combat climate change, avoid the extinction of a million species, and improve food security, water supply, and livelihoods.

Globe Environment Day is observed by major firms, non-governmental organizations, communities, governments, and celebrities all around the world to promote environmental issues.

Since 1974, the day has served as a significant venue for encouraging progress on the Sustainable Development Goals’ environmental dimensions.

The prime minister stated in a statement that the program’s goal was to enhance tree cover, safeguard species that were declining due to a lack of habitat, and expand mangroves.

He said that the government was also striving to restore wetlands by recharging the water table with floods.

80,000 employment for women and youth were generated during the COVID-19 epidemic, according to the prime minister, since the whole process contributed to developing green employment.

The government allowed individuals, notably women and youth in outlying places, to create revenue by planting nurseries at a time when they were jobless because of the COVID-19 pandemic’s shutdown.

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