Over 18,000 e-challans issued to traffic violators in Islamabad

e challan islamabad

Islamabad: With the new e-challan system in place, the Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) has issued more than 18,000 e-challans to motorcyclists over various traffic violations in Islamabad so far this year, a police public relations officer said.

According to the PR officer, the Islamabad capital police is utilizing all available resources and taking strict measures against the traffic rules violators according to law.

The officer said that Islamabad capital police had issued more than 18,000 e-challan to motorists over various traffic violations so far.

How it system works

CPO Safe City said that the e-challan tickets are delivered to the violators at their home addresses.

A copy of the challan is attached with the master file of the vehicles at the excise office over non-payment of the penalty amount within the given time. Owners who do not follow instructions and pay the amount in due time will face their vehicles getting impounded. They will not be able to either sell or transfer their car until the clearance of dues.

How to pay e-challan?

The fine amount could be paid through different banks, mobile accounts, and other digital means.

The PR officer further said that there was a significant decline in the number of road mishaps and traffic violations in the federal capital after introducing this new challan system.

“The move was aimed at getting residents of the capital to abide by traffic laws even in the absence of traffic officers with the use of modern technology,” he maintained.

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