Over 100 children died of measles in Badakhshan



The public health directorate in Badakhshan on Wednesday said that at least 100 children have died of measles in the province over the past three months while 3,400 others have suffered from the disease during this period.

Doctors at a hospital in the city of Faizabad, the center of Badakhshan, said they admit at least 10 children every day who suffer from measles.

“We have over 113 losses in Badakhshan’s districts and its center,” said Nazir Ahmad Nazir, the deputy head of Badakhshan’s provincial hospital.

“We have 385 patients and also have losses,” said Shafiq Hamdard, head of a local hospital.

“Patients of the disease have to separate their clothes, room and dishes from others,” said Reshad Usifi, a doctor.

Some residents of Badakhshan said they are concerned about the spread of the disease among children.

“We asked the current government and health organizations to take measures for the prevention of the disease,” said Mohibullah Sadat, a Badakhshan resident.

“We call on the government to pay attention to the matter,” said Wasiqullah, a Badakhshan resident.

Loss of appetite, high fever, cough and skin itching are among the symptoms of measles and can be transmitted to others through coughing and breathing.—Tolonews