Open to all kind of investigation about foreign funding: PM Announces mega projects for tribal region — ‘3G/4G internet services functioning in Waziristan’


Tariq Saeed


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said he was open to all kinds of investigations with regard to foreign funding. The PM added he will welcome hearing about the foreign funding allegations against his party if the probes are conducted publicly and proceedings are aired on television. I challenge all those skeptical of PTI activities should go to court and the proceedings of the foreign funding case should be aired live on TV. I also challenge that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is the only political party in political fundraising.” The Premier announced while talking to media persons in South Waziristan Tribal district during his day long visit of the region.
Imran said the remittance collected from overseas Pakistanis helps to run the national economy, whereas, the funding for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital was also made by the overseas nationals.
He said he very well new about the fundings of the opposition political parties and the countries involved in funding to those parties though he is not revealing the names of the countries due to bilateral ties. Imran said the opposition leaders have misunderstood the political insight of the nation as the people will not come out to save anyone’s corruption. He said that he was thankful to the opposition for raising the foreign funding issue. It should be revealed now from where the political parties collected funds, he added.
“Instead the JUI-F chief should provide details of his billions worth assets”. Imran Khan maintained. Prime Minister came hard on the Pakistan Democratic Movement head and his own faction of JUI Maulana Fazal lamenting that Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman was using the children of seminaries to blackmail the government for getting NRO.
The premier clarified that the money sent by the overseas Pakistanis could not be considered as foreign funds. The facts will tell the nation about those who have collected funds in the country in a legal way.
PM Khan said that the government decided to cut expenses besides increasing the income due to the severe financial crisis in the country.
The masses faced difficulties due to the moves for reducing the expenditures by the government.
He said that the government is willing to bring major reformations in the governance system which was delayed. After the
implementation of the 18th Amendment, the Centre could not do anything without the approval of the provinces, whereas, reformations
could not be brought without getting a heavy majority in the parliamentary democracy.
He said the exports have risen and its economic indicators are quite better as compared to the other countries amid coronavirus
Earlier the Prime Minister Imran Khan paid a visit to South Waziristan where he inaugurated uplift projects besides announcing
the activation of 3G/4G services in Waziristan. “The 3G/4G services in Waziristan will be available from today” The PM announced amid
thunderous applause from the jubilant crowd. Prime Minister also announced the inauguration of various uplift projects for the tribal
people. The prime minister was accompanied by the chief Minister Mehmood Khan and Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Special
assistants Dr. Sania Nishtar, Usman Dar, and Shahbaz Gill.
While addressing a ceremony of Kamyaab Jawaan Program, the premier said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government
has prioritized to develop tribal areas and Balochistan. He vowed that maximum efforts will be made for tribesmen by providing all education
facilities including colleges, schools, universities and scholarships. He announced to establish a technical college in tribal areas in order to
groom technical skills of youth.
The premier said that employment is the biggest challenge after education.
During the last 15 years, Wana witnessed destruction on large scale due to terrorism. He said Kamyaab Jawaan Program is just a
beginning as the government will continue its efforts to develop all tribal areas and Balochistan.
He said that the people of Waziristan rendered most sacrifices in the liberation war against the British Empire and many of the
tribesmen belong to Waziristan went to fight freedom war alongside Kashmiris. PM Khan said that he is fully aware of the spirit of
Waziristan people. We knew the traditions of the tribal people and the government will give respect to their elders.

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