Omar Ayub announces additional 450MW this summer for Karachi


Federal Minister for Energy Omar Ayub announced on Saturday that Karachi will receive additional 450 megawatts (MG) of electricity as National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) has completed the up gradation of the existing 220 KV double circuit transmission line.

“Alhamdulillah another achievement of PTI Govt and good news for Karachi for coming summer to get additional 450 MW as NTDC has completed the rehabilitation/up-gradation of the existing 220 kV double circuit transmission line (130 km long) from Jamshoro to KDA-33,” the minister announced in a tweet.


The minister further said that the 130km 220 kV Jamshoro to KDA-33 transmission line is expected to be energized before March 31st 2021.

“Completion of this transmission infrastructure will result in an increase in the power supply of 450 MW from the national grid to the KE network during summer months when load demand is high,” he added.


The increase in power supply from the national grid to KE is in addition to the existing supply arrangement comprising 650 MW from the 500 kV and 220 KV network and 150 wind power through the 132 kV network.

“Thus, a maximum of 1100 MW power supply shall be available from 500 kV & 220 kV network in addition to 150 MW from wind generation during summer months from the national grid for KE which shall significantly improve power supply position for the city of Karachi,” he wrote.


The minister said that the dedicated and coordinated efforts of the NTDC and KE teams are highly appreciated in achieving this milestone in a timely manner.

“This has been done by the federal government to the people of Karachi for the summer season, especially before the holy month of Ramazan,” the minister included.