Officials seeking bargain with NAB front men of PPP: Sherzaman


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi President KhurramSherzaman and Central Vice President and Parliamentary Leader HaleemAdil Sheikh along with other leaders addressed a press conference at Insaf House on Saturday. The PTI leaders spoke in detail to the media about the incompetence of the Sindh government, corruption, arms licenses, the census in Karachi and the Sindh government officials who took NAB pledges. National Assembly member Aslam Khan, Sindh Assembly member Omar Amari, PTI leader Arsalan Faisal Mirza and others were also present. Addressing the press conference, KhurramSherZaman said that PPP is blackening its own face by looting people’s money. Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto have not set any limit on corruption. These are the bureaucrats who have bargained. Officially, it is being sponsored by the PPP. More than Rs 240 million has been returned by a gentleman who is still on duty. The Sindh government should explain why they are sitting on the big seats of the province. These people have no sense of the people. The Auditor General of Pakistan reports that irregularities of Rs 1148 billion have been observed in Sindh. The officers from Grade 17 to 20 who did the bargaining have been reinstated by the PPP ministers and given great responsibilities. There are 28 officers of the food department who looted and took plea bargaining from the NAB. There are 19 officers of the Irrigation Department, 5 officers of the Livestock Department, 4 officers of the Works Department, 32 officers of the Department of Agriculture, 7 officers of the Revenue Department and 4 officers of the Information Department. The Grade 20 finance secretary has a bargain of 12 million. He is still on duty. In Chief Engineer Irrigation Department Sukkur, 20th grade officers are also sitting on their seats after plea bargain. The Sindh officials who took the plebiscite from the NAB are the PPP ministers and the frontmen of the leadership who make money for them. The have looted money for the last 13 years under the leadership of PPP and under the patronage of ministers. He added that who is responsible for the money they have spent? HaleemAdil Sheikh, PTI Central Vice President and Parliamentary Leader of the party in the Sindh Assembly, said that Sukkur journalists should ask Maryam what she gave to Sindh during her tenure.

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