PPP fears resignations could lead to PTI getting two-third majority


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) reluctance towards resigning from assemblies on Saturday once again became evident after Sindh government Spokesman Murtaza Wahab said that it could lead to PTI getting a two-third majority in the Parliament and amending the 18th Constitutional amendment. Speaking during a private TV channelprogramme, the PTI has repeatedly called for abolishing 18th amendment but was not able to do it after it does not have the numbers needed for the purpose. “On the contrary, if we resign from the assemblies, the PTI will get a two-third majority,” he said adding that the party could abolish the 18th amendment after getting the majority. Murtaza Wahab further said that the PPP has reiterated that it would decide on resignations after consultation at its CEC forum. He further announced to make the report regarding the fiasco behind Capt (retd) Safdar’s arrest public besides also writing a letter to the federal authorities for action against PTI leaders who pressurized the officials during the entire process. It is pertinent to mention here that Murtaza Wahab is not the first PPP leader to oppose resignations as imprisoned PPP leader Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah has also opposed the move during his meeting with Bilawal Bhutto at NICVD a day before. Shah said that the PPP lawmakers had done an exemplary job after submitting resignations to the party leadership in a short span of time. Murtaza Wahab, however, said that the resignations will not be helpful in overturning the government. “PPP should always remember the example of 1985 elections [where it boycotted the electoral process],” he said.

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