No ‘death overs’ please….

Bipin Dani

Death over refers to the final overs in a limited match. Often the batting side would bat aggressively to gain more runs and increase their score. This will take place during the last five to ten overs of a team’s innings in a match.

Former India cricketer, who has been a regular commentator has requested commentators all over the world not to use the term “Death Overs” while on air.

“Request to all commentators please don’t say Death Overs”. Either call it slog overs or end overs”, he has appealed.

Explaining the reason for this appeal, the former googly bowler says, “we are going through a tough time. Death is not a nice word. The last ten overs are definitely important overs but one doesn’t die if it doesn’t go the team’s way”.

Obviously, the veteran bowler’s words were di-rected at the ongoing Covid crisis.

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