No airstrikes carried out targeting TTP hideouts in Afghanistan: FO


The Foreign Office has rejected reports that Pakistan carried out airstrikes in Afghanistan as “utterly baseless and malicious”.

Spokesperson Mumtaz Zehra Baloch issued the statement after Afghan journalists claimed that Pakistani fighter planes targeted the suspected hideouts of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan terrorists in two Afghan provinces including Kunar an Nangarhar.

The Afghan journalists also shared fake photos of smoke pillowing out from the mountains in their WhatsApp groups. However, the security officials of Pakistan and Afghanistan have dined the reports of air raids. Furthermore, the TTP militants in Afghanistan also reportedly rejected the claims.

An Afghan-based newspaper claimed that Pakistan targeted militants in Salala neighbourhood near Gushta district on Thursday morning.

Reacting to the Afghan media reports, Ms Baloch termed the reports “utterly baseless and malicious”. Since November last, Pakistan has witnessed spike on terrorism cases after the TTP withdrew from the ceasefire agreement unilaterally. The banned terror group was involved in around 100 terrorists cases in 2022.