NIC arranges awareness seminar on breast cancer


National Incubation Centre Peshawar (NIC) on Wednesday arranged an awareness session “The Pinktober pledge” on breast cancer to address the alarming health concern growing rapidly in females of the country. Doctors from various specialties and institutions were invited to share and impart knowl-edge on the subject, emphasizing the importance of self-examination and early detection.

The chief guest of the event Dr. Safoora Shahid, Director, of Northwest General Hospital, stressed the importance of early detection of breast cancer. She highlighted the aim behind effective awareness campaigns through which the masses can be edu-cated on identifying symptoms and necessary treat-ment. She also shared some survivor’s stories of breast cancer patients that she had previously treated and how they were able to lead normal lives because of early detection.

Speaking on the occasion, Director NIC Peshawar, Asim Ishaq Khan emphasized on the importance of technology and innovation and its lasting impact on healthcare.

He said NIC Peshawar has been instru-mental in providing a platform for technologists and innovators to develop innovative solutions for im-proving healthcare.

NIC Peshawar has also contrib-uted immensely towards effective community en-gagement by organizing frequent awareness ses-sions on important social issues, he added. An oath-taking ceremony was also held wherein all the par-ticipants took an oath to support and pledge their support for the ‘Pinktober pledge’.

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