New gas pipeline in Attock Sadder inaugurated


Former Federal Minister and PMLN Punjab Senior Vice President Sheikh Aftab Ahmad has said that Federal government is trying its best to solve the problems of the people amd for the purpose avail-able resources being utilised.

He said this after inaugurating new gas pipe lines in Mohala Awan Sharif and Attock Saddar area. On the occasion SNGPL Coordinator Hanif Niazi He said these new lines will solve the issue of low gas pressure in Awan Sharif, Mehrpura, People Colony, Dar ul Islam Colony, Dhok Sharfa, Dhok Umra, Muhammad Nagar, Dhok Peshawari and adjoining areas and thousand of families will be benefitted.

Sheikh Aftab said, this project was started in 2108 and completed now after four years at the cost of Rs 180 million. Sheikh Aftab said, in 2018, durimg PMLN govt, provision of gas supply project to 42 villages was started at the cost of millions and said that now this incomplete project will be completed.