Moonis Elahi’s ‘abducted’ friend returns home


A close friend of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) leader Moonis Elahi returned home days after he was ‘abducted’ from Lahore’s Garden Town. As per details, Ahmed Faran was left outside his house in Lahore, last night by unknown men driving two vehicles. CCTV footage of Faran’s return has been acquired.

Zaheer has also confirmed the return of his brother Ahmed Faran. Later, he was presented before the Lahore High Court, which was moved against his ‘disappearance’. In reply to a question asked by a journalist, during a court appearance, Ahmed Farhan said he was staying with his family.

About his head injury, Moonis Elahi’s close friend said he was accidentally hit with a vehicle door while coming to the court. Son of Punjab CM Pervaiz Elahi, last week, claimed that his friend, Faran Ahmed, was ‘picked’ up by some unknown people riding two black vehicles in Lahore.—INP