Neutralising TTP threat


THE civil and military leadership is reportedly undertaking a major policy review to effectively check banned TTP (Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan) in the wake of recent surge in terrorist attacks.

Closed-door discussions are ongoing and major decisions are expected in next couple of days.

A meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) is likely to be convened to debate and take crucial measures against renewed TTP threat.

Taking the TTP head-on is very crucial as banned outfit under no circumstances can be allowed to sabotage peace and stability achieved by the country as a result of immense sacrifices rendered both on part of our security personnel and people.

We had pinned great hopes that return of the Afghan Taliban would help eradicate the TTP threat, yet contrary to those expectations, there has been a spike in outfit’s sponsored attacks.

Since Taliban tookover Kabul, 420 terrorist attacks have been recorded in Pakistan. In three months alone, the banned outfit claimed responsibility for 141 attacks.

This is despite the fact that in June TTP announced an indefinite ceasefire, which in fact was used by the outfit to regroup.

The suicide attack in the federal capital on Friday was first after several years, highlighting renewed threat posed by the terrorists.

While the strategy of talks with the TTP has only backfired, we have no other option but to take a decisive military operation against it.

Since Afghan government has failed to check cross border attacks and the TTP is operating with complete impunity from Afghanistan, we should also not abstain from chasing these terrorists down in Afghan territory.

As also stated by Army Chief Gen Syed Asim Munir, we will have to take the battle to terrorists and crush them in their safe havens.

Simultaneously, we need to complete remaining portion of the fencing of Pak-Afghan border.

The Taliban authorities have expressed concern on its construction but during meetings they should be apprised that fencing will help check movement of undesirable elements which include not only terrorists but also smugglers and drug traffickers, Instead of creating hurdles, it is also for Afghan government to cooperate with Pakistan to ensure border security as that will serve interests of both the countries.