NATO indicates reduction of forces from Afghanistan



NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has hinted at reduction of NATO forces in Afghanistan with the full coordination of its allies as the operations in Afghanistan are aimed at maintaining peace in the country at all costs.
This was said during an online conference of the Defence Ministers of NATO countries in Brussels. SG Stoltenberg said, during his press conference, it was discussed that as part of a coordinated decision by NATO allies, it was decided earlier this year to move to “Phase A-Light” which is a reduced NATO presence in Afghanistan.
“But we maintained the bases, the regional presence of the NATO forces in Afghanistan, including a German-led presence in Mazar-i-Sharif in the north, with many other Allies,” he added. He also mentioned the presence of the Italian-led presence in Herat, in the west of Afghanistan.
“We will now have a process in NATO where we will sit together, the US and all other Allies and discuss different options, different possibilities for further reductions,” Stoltenberg disclosed. “But of course, that will be done in a coordinated way, in an orderly way, and it will depend on the developments in Afghanistan. And perhaps the most important thing now is to make sure that Taliban breaks ties, all their bonds with the Al-Qaeda, and also that we have intra-Afghan negotiations,” he added. He said that NATO was prepared for further reductions and that it was addressed by Secretary Esper in detail during the meeting. He announced further consultations on the matter.. Agencies