Nasser Maggo outlines agenda of newly-elected FPCCI body


“Industrialization, food security, agriculture and research and development are on our agenda.” This was said bynewly-elected FPCCI President Nasser Hyatt Maggo in a media briefing the other day at the Federation House. Vice Presidents Hanif Lakhani and Athar Sultan Chawla and ArifJeewaalso accompanied him. Maggo said the world is heading for lockdown again because of the second wave, adding, “Will start working on the budget and make recommendations to the government on duties, laws and other issues.” He asserted that there was a lockdown since March last year and then chaos, which is why the past body could not work as much, saying “I admit that the work that was supposed to be done last year has not been done.” He accepted that interest rates were still too high and said , “We are convincing the government that no legislation or budget should be made without taking business community on board.”. “We have objections to the FBR’s policies. The government has set a target of tax collection. Even more taxes can be collected.” He cautioned that issuing notices and harassing industrialists and traders will do nothing, adding that” the current government lacks the right decisions in time.” Maggo said, “The government is responsible for the gas shortage. Gas was not imported on time, which is why there is a shortage of gas in the country. The country is short of gas in winter every year, so the relevant ministry should have taken measures earlier.” He said SAPM Nadeem Babar is responsible for the gas shortage. The FPCCI chief concluded that “Everyone has recognized the election and decided that they will all work together.”

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