Nasir: Haleem whining as PTI sees defeat in AJK polls

Staff Reporter

Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah has said that steps taken by the chief minister with regard to Coronavirus in the province are appreciated by the whole world.

He was giving statement in response to Haleem Adil’spress conference held on Saturday.
He said PTI is losing elections in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, which is why Haleem Adil is making noise, adding that health system in Sindh was better than all other provinces.
“The best services of Sindh hospitals are evident all over the country.”

The minister said that Haleem assertions about cor-ruption is a big joke as “I am astonished how land grabbers and extortionists talk about corruption?” Nasir Shah said PPP always give jobs but PTI made people unemployed in federal institutions.

“Haleem Adil is a failed opposition leader in the Assembly and is also disliked by his people because of his deeds and bad reputation.

Shahviewed that PPP is being accused of selling jobs by those who sell party tickets in elections. “Election thieves are hiding their guilt by calling others thieves.”

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