Nain Sukh congratulated


Leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Senator Taj Haider has heartily congratulated Nain Sukh (Mr. Khalid Mahmood) on receiving the Dhahn Prize for Punjabi Literature in Canada for his book, ‘Jogi, Saap, Trah’.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, Taj Haider said that in an international environment where Pakistan was facing isolation due to its wrong policies Nain Sukh has made us proud for being Pakistani.

Nain Sukh writes the stories of the ‘Wretched of the Earth’ in his mother language that has a more than a thousand years history of producing great literature and poetry.

Immortal “Poetry of the People” written in Punjab has for centuries captured hearts and minds of a wide spectrum of people ranging from distinguished intellectuals to the tillers of the soil and factory workers.

Nain Sukh is yet another addition to this rich literary tradition, who through the characters of his novels and stories is rewriting our history from the angle of the down trodden masses and is reflecting our national culture in its true perspective.

One is reminded of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who laid the greatest emphasis on reviving our national languages and cultures.

He created cultural institutions which in a very short span of time took the richness of our culture to every corner of the world.

Unfortunately, regional cultures and national languages have been considered for a very long time, a danger to our national unity by the centralist mindset of the exploiting classes.

Although the fact is that nothing unites humanity as a whole better than beautiful thoughts that have their firm roots in our soil and our hearts.—INP

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