Mysterious letter of international conspiracy | By Tariq Aqil


Mysterious letter of international conspiracy

THE Titanic of PTI captained by Imran Khan is sinking fast and according to naval traditions the captain goes down with the ship.

With the departure of the close ally MQM the goose is cooked, Imran Khan is as good as gone, as things stand today the PTI coalition government or the hybrid regime of Imran Khan clobbered together by the powers that be has finally lost the miniscule margin that it stood on for the last three and a half years.

Imran was first banking on the show of strength in the Jalsa in Islamabad and his use of the religion card to swing public opinion in his favour but that did not work as hoped by the Kaptaan and his advisors.

After describing the present political struggle as a battle between good and evil or the forces of Islam fighting the evil forces of enemies of Islam, he is now catching at the proverbial straw with this new sensational story of a mysterious letter written by some unknown foreign power bent upon controlling the foreign policy of Pakistan.

The truth of this mysterious letter has already been exposed as this is only a memorandum sent by our ambassador in Washington DC regarding some meetings and interaction he had with senior US officials.

This letter being touted as the Trump Card to be a panacea for all his misfortunes has actually backfired and any chances of survival of Imran Khan and the PTI government are now almost zero barring some divine intervention or some miracle.

According to the poorly worded script of the PTI spin doctors the mysterious letter is proof that some foreign powers are funding the combined opposition parties to remove Imran Khan from the office of Prime Minister.

According to this sensational fictional story the dark and sinister forces of chaos that are lurking in the shadows are hell bent upon getting rid of Imran Khan because he did not dance to their tune.

This new gimmick by the Imran supporters is like the poorly worded story written by some amateur story teller with little talent in story writing.

It is totally absurd and ridiculous that some foreign power will first finance the opposition parties and then write a letter to the Prime Minister to expose the entire plot against him.

To make matters worse it is ludicrous to believe that all the major opposition parties and their top leaders are traitors and in the pay of foreign powers.

What right has the PTI got to hurl such serous accusations? What proof do they have?Is the PTI the only patriotic party in the country?

The present difficulties of Imran Khan and the PTI are the result of their own doing and not some mysterious international conspiracy put together by the enemies of Islam.

Even the facilitators and backers of the hybrid Imran regime are by now sick and tired of micro managing everything for him.

During the last three and a half years his backers have very discreetly managed all political issues for him.

A few years down the line the facilitators realized to their horror that their blue eyed boy had failed miserably to deliver.

It became very evident that the Imran Khan team had not done their homework before assuming power and they had no idea how to execute their election manifesto or to deliver on their election promises.

In spite of a massive bailout package of 12 billion dollars received from Saudi Arabia and the UAE they failed to show any positive trends in the economy.

Prices spiralled upwards, unemployment increased by leaps and bounds, poverty remained unchecked and attempts were made to throttle the media and avoid any criticism.

In no time it was abundantly clear that this regime is incompetent and does not have the ability to deliver.

At this stage some die hard supporters and facilitators started having second thoughts about their choice and it was seen that there was a rush to abandon the sinking ship of the PTI.

International conspiracies or intrigues have not brought the PTI to their sorry end, it is their own incompetence, mismanagement, bad governance and wrong decisions.

The Kaptaan of the PTI has some very wrong delusions about himself and his ego is larger than life.

He is a staunch believer in his divine mission and keeps harping on his spiritual powers to combat the evil forces in the country.

He has shaken hands with the evil forces of religious extremism and continues to behave like the leader of the Taliban and less like the Prime Minister of a democratic country.

His stubbornness is legendary which is evident from the fact that he refused to change the CM of Punjab in spite of great pressure from his closest advisors to place a more suitable person to manage the province of Punjab.

His dogged stubbornness was seen again in the appointment of the new DG ISI even at the cost of annoying his most important backers and facilitators.

—The writer is Professor of History, based in Islamabad.


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